ADA Youth Skill Training Program: Helping Ghanaian Street Children

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Ada is a town located in the Dangme West District, the Greater Accra Region on Ghana Sub-Saharan Africa. It has a population of 51,262 (2000 population Census). It is about one to two hours drive from the capital City of Accra. The main occupation of the people is subsistence farming, fishing, salt winning, and petty trading.

The youth between the ages of 13-25 years make up the greater percentage of the population in this area. Most of them are either school drop-outs or never had any formal education. In addition, they do not have any employable skills that will help alleviate them from poverty. The most affected within this population are the females who entered marriage at a very tender age to men who cannot afford to provide for them. Due to this economic deprivation in the area, a high percentage of both males and females have the tendency to migrate to the City of Accra in search of good paying steady jobs.

Our Mission

Though social work started 62 years ago and older than Ghana’s independence, it is yet to get entrenched in the Ghanaian society…

We are here to help!!!

Becoming a Member

Contact and Donate or assist through service. All help goes directly to assisting theses street children. Sources of information or contacted directly for more information and methods to help.

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Akwaaba Ada Support Group – Austria
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